Monday, December 24, 2012

Emergency Services Christmas Prayer

~Author Unknown~

Please make this, Lord, a silent night

this one night of the year.

No sirens wailing through the dark,

no shouts of hate or fear

No crumpled cars and twisted steel,

no blood and tears that spill.

No messages of grief to take,

to homes that suddenly grow still.

Please, King of Peace, no drunken fights

that wreck the family tree,

And all the dreams of some small child,

who clings, in fear, to me.

Let travelers tread the tinseled streets

safe from assault and harm.

On this night, this special night,

no red lights, no alarms.

I'd like to be at home, Oh Lord,

where spice and cedar scent the air.

I hope the children don't wake up,

until I can be there.

Please make this Lord, a silent night,

no hate, or hurt, or crime,

But if this cannot be, Oh Lord,

help me get there in time.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

      I apologize now for not updating my blog recently, but I've had a lot going on in my life the last couple months that I may tell you later in another post.

      For now, I am going to talk about Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  

      Around this time you constantly hear about Walmart workers and Target workers that complain about working on Thanksgiving or super early on Black Friday.  They state that it is interrupting their family time by having to leave early during dinner to go to work.  boo hoo.  Or that what they go through isn't worth the pay on Black Friday.  again, boo hoo. 

      I hope those employees never become VOLUNTEER employees.  OR on call employees for EMS (firefighters, EMT, paramedic, etc).  Volunteers get paid pennies, if anything at all, and anyone on call, has to leave at the sound of the tones....meaning they may just sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and have to leave and by the time they get back, dinner is over, food is cold, and many friends/family have gone home.  

      I read a post on FaceBook earlier today that was about the Walmart employees going on strike for the Black Friday hours.  The news wanted to know peoples opinions on that.  Of course i put in my 2 cents because I think its ridiculous!  for one, they picked where they work.  They are in retail.  It is the holidays.  It's common sense to know there will longer/crazier hours during that time.  It's just part of the job.  If they don't like it, quit.  Walmart employees are a dime a dozen, I'm sure they can replace them and fast.  Some of the comments on there were stupid too.  Some people said that Walmart employees can't be compared to Police, Firefighters, Doctors, etc because they get paid twice as much!  HAHAHAHA.  If only they knew...I can somewhat agree with the Doctors because we all know they get paid good money.  but the main complaint with the Walmart employees and the Target employee last year wasn't necessarily the pay, but the fact that they had to work Thursday night, and shorten their time with their families.  

      SO I hope that the next time they get hurt, or sick, or their house catches on fire, they remember about "family time" and wait until regular business hours to call anyone or go to a hospital.  Meanwhile they will be bleeding to death, watching their house burn down, or stuck in a car after an accident.  Because I mean, who wants to have their Thanksgiving dinner interrupted to go into work?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't forget to also remember EMS today, September 11th

      As I was thinking about how unrecognized EMS actually is, it came to my attention that during 9/11, the focus is usually on the remembrance of the Firefighters, the Police officers, and the general public that died that day, but not much is mentioned about the brave EMS that also died that day.  They seem to be lumped into the Firefighter and Police Officers.  Why?  They deserve to have individual recognition!!

      Did you know that of the 343 FDNY lost, that 2 of them were Paramedics?  They were Paramedic Carlos Lillo, age 37 and Paramedic Ricardo Quinn, age 40. 

      I am having problems with finding a definitive total for the number of EMS that died on 9/11, Some sites say 8 some say 9 some say 10 some say 42...the list goes on.  The issue here, I think, is that they only include the "on duty" EMTs and Paramedics when the count is 8 or 9 or 10.  They don't include the ones that volunteer and have full time jobs elsewhere, but helped out since they had the skills to help.  An EMT like Jeff Simpson, who lived in VA, but worked in NY.  Instead of fleeing to safety, he instead went toward the danger to help.  And that's what an EMT that is passionate about his job as an EMT would do....   

      If we can't include all of the EMS that died on September 11, during the attacks that weren't "on duty" then why do we honor a police officer that died when he crashed his motorcycle - off duty?  It just seems that EMS is left out when it comes to remembering their heroism.  You always hear of a firefighter that died or a police officer that died...and it is always mentioned in an article if they were either, but hardly ever for an EMT or a Paramedic. 

      So lets take this day to also remember all the EMS that died that day.  Hopefully all of their names are listed below:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't need an Ambulance subscription

 This will be a chuckable post :)

      The one service that Double D works for is literally 5 minutes away, and about 2-3 miles away, SO that puts us somewhat in their jurisdiction.  

      Well, I received a piece of mail yesterday from this service, which, had me confused.  If they needed to get something to me (which I wouldn't know why), why not save postage and just give it to Double D when he was in on Friday, or today when he came in?  I almost opened it when I saw on the envelope about my "2012 Subscription" which more than likely meant that they wanted me to subscribe to their Ambulance service.  I nearly burst out laughing....Ok, maybe I actually did.  :)

      This made me laugh because I will never call for an Ambulance personally, since that means I would be going to the hospital, something I won't do, so I would not need to subscribe to an Ambulance service.  Besides, I already have an EMT in house ;) so, step 1 of any injury would be to have Double D assess me, then if he feels I need to go to the hospital, he can write up a refusal because I will not go!  No need for an Ambulance since they bring the EMTs to you, and take you to a hospital....EMT is already here, and I'm not going to any Hospital.....Going to the hospital means I have to face the doctors that will screw things up anyway....NO THANKS!  

      Sorry, not fond of doctors or Hospitals....I don't trust them.  I've had too many bad things happen personally in regards to ERs, Hospitals, and Doctors that I don't want to deal with any of them.  You all can go, if you want but you won't find me willingly going.  Double D jokes that he has ways of getting me to go :)  And I told him, well, you better hope I don't remember when I wake up!!  :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

ICEDot part 2

This is a follow up to my previous post on ICEDot.

      I ordered 3 of the ICEDot bands for Me, Double D, and Widget. They arrived within 2 weeks after I ordered them and came with the ID card for me to carry in my wallet, a keychain dot for my keys, the ICEDot band for me to wear, and an ICEDot sticker to put on my car.

      When you apply the sticker to your window (it goes on the driver side of the back window) make sure you have the print out of your info in your glovebox, or the sticker means nothing.  

      The band is $10 and can be worn all the time.  They are a rubber material similar to the Livestrong bands, or other bands you see.  They were extremely useful when we all went to the beach on vacation, because of how they fit, there was no concern of them coming off in the water.  The do not easily slip off.  of course we are all adult size, but they do make child size ones too.  

      The print on them is very good, as it is engraved in the band and not just printed on, so even if the color would wear off, the code would still be able to be read.  I kinda wish the print around the band was bigger so it could be read easier for EMS that aren't aware of the ICEDot.  

      Thankfully I can't give you a personal experience with using the ICEDot and EMS, but it makes me feel alot better knowing Widget wears hers all the time JUST IN CASE.  

      I have made it my mission to get the word out there to all EMS through Double D, and this blog so that In Case of Emergency, and you are alone, and can't speak for your self, EMS crews that tend to you will be able to get some info about you.  

      Their website is Register for free and print out the info cards to put in your glove box, and order a sticker.  Then maybe buy the Premium service for $10 and an ICEDot band, button, or bracelet so you have the information even when you don't have a pocket.  I don't get any compensation for this from them, I just think its a great idea/concept and think everyone should know about it and at least register for the free profile.

Thank You.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kids say the greatest things

      We went to a local Airshow, it was me, Double D, Widget, Widget's BFF and her BFF's younger Sister whom was 12.  During the Airshow, Widget's BFF's Sister asked if Double D was a doctor, because he was talking about an incident at work.  He said "no, He just works on an Ambulance."  What she said next was really great, and painted the picture of what kids see....  She asked, "well isn't that the same thing?"  :)  He said "No, I can't give you stitches, or anything, but I can treat you until a Doctor can look at you and give you the stitches if that is what you need"  and she said "close enough"......


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot, Humid and Miserable

      The last few days where I live, have been Hot and Humid with temperatures in the 90s.  Now the 90s by them selves isn't so bad but add the humidity with it, and every minute spent outside of A/C is nearly unbearable.  I know for me, it makes it hard for me to breath and I start becoming very congested.  

      Can you imagine working outside in this miserable weather?  Some like it, others, like their job so much that they suffer through it.  I couldn't handle it, but then again, my body doesn't do very well in it either! When it gets too humid, not only do I get congested, but if I am doing anything strenuous, I get light headed too, even if I am keeping up with my fluids.  
      Our EMS crews are out in it though, taking care of the people that heat like this is bad for them.  The ones that overdo it and collapse in the heat.  Meanwhile, sometime jeopardizing their own health by working to hard themselves and not being able to take the time to replenish their own fluids, or take a break in some A/C.

      I want to say THANKS to a particular EMS company that Double D works for near where we live.  I actually can't say thanks enough!  They make sure to take care of their crews, by allowing them to work in cooler uniforms, yet staying professional looking, and making sure they are not being pounded with trips, so they don't get to cool down.  And also checking up on them to make sure the crews are staying cool and hydrated.

      I also want to say SHAME ON YOU,(and that's putting it nicely) to the EMS companies that don't take care of their crews.  Run them with trip after trip after trip for the whole 24 hours they are on.  Don't allow them to take a break in the A/C, and just don't check up on them except to see where they are for the next trip that they get sent on. 

      For those of you that know who I am, probably know the companies I am referring to.   and those that don't know who I am, probably know a few companies out there like those.  If you are fortunate to work for a company that takes care of you when it is miserable weather, make sure to thank them once in awhile for looking out for your health and that you appreciate it.  

      Maybe if you see a case of Gatorade or Powerade or any of those on sale for a good price, you could purchase it and donate it to an EMS station near you.  Just a suggestion.  or maybe even deliver some cold ones (and I'm not talking about beer) personally to a crew you might see, whether fueling up their Boo Boo wagons, or sitting on standby somewhere. 

Stay Cool out there guys and girls!!!

Now THIS is hot!!!  LOL

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm still here

Just wanted to let all my regular readers know that i'm still here, just haven't had much time to write a new post.  Hopefully I can find some time in the next 2 weeks of vacation to get you some more stuff to read.  Here are some chuckles to keep you entertained until then!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poem - EMT Prayer

Author Unknown


Grant me the wisdom so that I may treat
those of your children that lay at my feet.
Let my hands be gentle, sure and swift
to impart to them your sacred gift.
Let me see only a patient's need
not their color, race or creed.
Help me always to be my best
even when it's on my hours rest.
Grant me the insight to understand why
patients of mine are going to die.
Let me remember that when they do
there is a wonderful life in Heaven with You.
Lord, if in the time of duty I should fall
help my family to hold their heads tall.
For it was You who decided that I should be
one of your chosen few, an EMT.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Very Hurt.....

      So I made the cake you see below for Double D to take into work with him for EMS Week.  I wanted to do this to show MY appreciation for all that he and his co-workers do for the public.  I wasn't asking for anything in return, other than for them to know that what they do is appreciated.

      Instead, what I received was criticism for the cake!!  One person said it was the worst cake she had ever had!! and that it was dry (which it isn't). and no one ate hardly any of it until very much later in the day!.  

      I feel hurt because I took the time to make the cake and decorate it, in between working a full time job and my usual tasks at home, and it seemed like it wasn't even appreciated.  Yet, that is one complaint that the EMS crews bitch about....that they are never shown appreciation for what they do.  

      Needless to say, I won't be making a cake for next year.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is the cake I made for Double D to take to work for all his co workers this week:

But this would be for ALL EMS workers out there!

Monday, May 14, 2012

EMS Week 2012 - May 20 - 26

      Starting Sunday, it will be EMS Appreciation Week. This comes once a year around this time.

      Every year the 3rd week in May is designated as National EMS Week. It is a time for America's EMS community to celebrate its history and look to what the future has to offer.

      It is also a time to honor those in the EMS profession who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the public. If you see someone who works in EMS this week, please take a moment to thank them for being there for you when you need them, even if you haven't needed their services yet.

I bet it will make their day.

      Or better yet, if you have a positive experience you would like to share with them regarding your need for their service, share it with them.

I bet it will make their day too.

      You may ask, why do I need to thank them for doing their job?  That's what they get paid for....No one ever thanks me for doing MY job...

      Well, what if someone DID thank you for doing your job?  Or if someone came up to you, knowing what your profession is, and told you that you made a difference in their life?

      I bet it would make your day too..... 

      Many of the men and women out there doing their "calling" could not see themselves doing any other thing in their career, even if that meant making more money.  And when they have that frame of mind, it means you will receive their best care and compassion when you need them. 

In the midst of the storm of human tragedy and panic, they are often the calming voice of reassurance.

      I'm not saying that everyone that is in the EMS profession thinks of their work as more than a "job".  You will have those out there, just like in any profession, that goes in to work, does their job and leaves and could care less about what happens in between shifts.  But knowing the pay and how much work goes into that pay, I would say there are more than 75% of the EMS professionals out there that look at their work as more of a calling than a job.  The ones that take their skills further than their shift and use it even when they are not on the clock.  

I know.  I've seen if first hand.  And even experienced it first hand.  

      I've seen it first hand by seeing how Double D reacts to someone being hurt, or needing his skills.  I've also seen it first hand with our friends that are Paramedics.  They recently had to use their skills, outside of their "job" to help some people in a horrible car accident.

      I've experienced it first hand when I needed the help when I passed out or "fell out" as Double D puts it.  I was at a trade show with my brother and felt lightheaded, I put my hand on a table and next thing I knew i was laying on the floor, wondering what happened.  Every time my brother tried to help me up, I went down again.  Finally an off duty Paramedic came over, identified herself as such and assisted my brother in getting me over to a chair.  Then she kinda gave me a quick assessment, the best she could without having anything with her, and went to find me something to eat, thinking it might have been my blood sugar dropping.  

I wish I knew where to find her to thank her for what she did for me that day.

      All I am asking is that you show your appreciation for all the EMS workers out there for all that they do and if by chance you see them taking a much needed lunch break, or stopping quickly to grab some refreshments at a gas station or convenience store, or maybe even if you are stopped beside them at a traffic light, just say.... 

Thank You.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poem - Sorry.....

Author Unknown

Sorry if we woke you in the middle of the night,
But someone in your neighborhood is fighting for their life.

Sorry if we block the road and make you turn around,
But there's been a bad wreck with dying children on the ground.

When you see us coming I hope you'll understand,
Let us have the right of way someone needs our helping hand.

Sometimes a child is choking; sometimes a broken leg,
Sometimes a heart stops beating and when we get there it's too late.

So if you see us crying when we think we are alone,
You'll know we had a bad one and we're feeling mighty down.

We don't do it for the money you know we don't get paid,
We don't do it for the glory but for life that might be saved.

Somewhere deep within us our souls are crying out,
We're here to help our neighbors in their hour of pain and doubt.

God gave us something special to help us see you through,
We do it because we love you and we care about you too.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Words from Double D

I thought I'd share a wonder experience that Double D had today:

"I'm wearing 1 of my Company t-shirts, & some guy at the gas station comes up 2 me, & asks: 
'Are you an ambulance person?',

 'Yes, I'm an EMT' (even though it's all over my shirt & on the sleeve). 

He puts his hand on my shoulder, bows his head, & starts to cry. 

He says that he just buried his wife of 30 yrs this week & wanted to say thank you for all that we do. 

When his wife had her heart attack, the EMS crew that came to his house, went above & beyond anything he could have hoped for. 

He proceeded to tell me how he thought that all we did was ride around running lights & sirens, & never really gave a crap about the patient.  

Though he was basing his views from what he saw on TV. 

That night, he saw for himself, that what we do, goes way beyond anything he could have imagined. 

He said that even though the crew could not save his wife, they showed her compassion, caring, & a deep sense of grief over not saving her. 

He said thank you again, shook my hand, & left. 

It made me understand, that we really do some amazing things through out the course of our EMS career, & sometimes, people do take notice."  

       And again, it's why I am writing this blog....So that others will know just what these guys go through, what they take for granted as just part of their job.  Along with that job is the compassion, the caring and the sadness that comes when they just can not save that life.....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poem - My Husband - the EMT

by Heidi Marie Divine

You go to work to save a life
See lots of pain and people's strife

You are compassionate, proud and true
And this is why I Love You

An EMT is your job
Comforting those in fear and sob

You are a kind and gentle soul
At times this job may take a toll

I want you to know that for all you do
I am so very proud of you.

For Double D..... <3

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pull Over Please!!!

      Why can't people learn to move to the side when they see an ambulance coming down the road?  You may be in a hurry to get to where you are going, but so are they. 

      And I think their reason is a bit more important than your reason!  

      It only takes 10 seconds, if that, to pull over while they go past you to either get to a patient that needs help or get to the hospital so a patient can get additional help.

      Whenever I see an Ambulance, or Firetruck, or Police Cruiser, or even a volunteer, I move over.  The main reason?  What if they are responding to someone I care about?  Or its my house that is on fire?  If I don't move over, I could be causing them to waste precious seconds trying to get there.  How would that make me feel if when I found out later that it was something of mine, that had they gotten there a few seconds sooner, all would be alright....

      The other reason?  I don't want to be the one that was in the way of the EMS crew getting to their destination.  I don't want to be the reason they couldn't save the patient, or give the fastest care.  I couldn't live with that being on my conscience.

      You may think, "That won't happen to me", or "I always know what's going on in my life", but .... what IF?  You can't possibly know EVERYTHING that is going on.

      You could also think, " But I don't live around here so I don't know anyone here".  Are you completely sure of that?  Do you know EVERY road trip someone you know is taking??

      Or maybe you're just a heartless twit, that doesn't care about anyone but themselves and figures, why should I get out of the way?  There's nothing in it for me.....

      While driving, you should always be aware of what is around you anyway, so there should be no excuse of "But, I didn't know they were behind me...." for not pulling over when they have been right behind you for miles, or blocks with their lights and sirens on.  And " It wasn't in a safe area"  is not an excuse either.  Um, the Ambulance isn't pulling YOU over, they are just trying to get past you.  

      Ambulances and Firetrucks aren't allowed by law to use their sirens for non-emergency reasons.  They can not turn on their sirens just because they don't want to sit in traffic, or because they are hungry and are in a hurry to get food.  If you see them sitting in traffic, and they all of a sudden turn their lights and sirens on, more than likely the patient made a turn for the worse and they now need to hurry.

      Next time you see an ambulance coming with their lights and/or sirens on, just pull over.  Put yourself in their shoes, they need to get to the patient, or get the patient to the hospital, before its too late.  Or better yet, put yourself in the patient's loved ones shoes.  Imagine what it would be like watching the ambulance going down the road as fast as they safely can, with your loved one in the back, and NO ONE is moving out of the way for the ambulance.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poem - Highway 109

Author Unknown

A drunk man in an Oldsmobile

They said had run the light
That caused the six-car pileup
On 109 that night.
When broken bodies lay about
And blood was everywhere,
The sirens screamed out elegies,
For death was in the air.
A mother, trapped inside her car,
Was heard above the noise;
Her plaintive plea near split the air:
Oh, God, please spare my boys!"
She fought to loose her pinned hands;
She struggled to get free,
But mangled metal held her fast
In grim captivity.
Her frightened eyes then focused
On where the back seat once had been,
But all she saw was broken glass and
Two children's seats crushed in.
Her twins were nowhere to be seen;
She did not hear them cry,
And then she prayed they'd been thrown free,
“Oh, God, don't let them die!"
Then firemen came and cut her loose,
But when they searched the back,
They found therein no little boys,
But the seat belts were intact.
They thought the woman had gone mad
And was traveling alone,
But when they turned to question her,
They discovered she was gone.
Policemen saw her running wild
And screaming above the noise
In beseeching supplication,
“Please help me find my boys!
They're four years old and wear blue shirts;
Their jeans are blue to match."
One cop spoke up, "They're in my car,
And they don't have a scratch.
They said their daddy put them there
And gave them each a cone,
Then told them both to wait for Mom
To come and take them home.
I've searched the area high and low,
But I can't find their dad.
He must have fled the scene,
I guess, and that is very bad."
The mother hugged the twins and said,
While wiping at a tear,
“He could not flee the scene, you see,
For he's been dead a year."
The cop just looked confused and asked,
“Now, how can that be true?"
The boys said, "Mommy, Daddy came
And left a kiss for you.
He told us not to worry
And that you would be all right,
And then he put us in this car with
The pretty, flashing light.
We wanted him to stay with us,
Because we miss him so,
But Mommy, he just hugged us tight
And said he had to go.
He said someday we'd understand
And told us not to fuss,
And he said to tell you, Mommy,
He's watching over us."
The mother knew without a doubt
That what they spoke was true,
For she recalled their dad's last words,
“I will watch over you."
The firemen's notes could not explain
The twisted, mangled car,
And how the three of them escaped
Without a single scar.
But on the cop's report was scribed,
In print so very fine,
An angel walked the beat tonight
On Highway 109.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


      So, when I attended the EMSToday conference in Baltimore with Double D, we stopped at this booth for a service/product that is called ICEDot.  

      Have you heard of the idea of I.C.E.?  It stands for In Case of Emergency.  Simply put, it is a list of emergency contacts and information such as your name, age, address, medical conditions, medicines, etc. Most of the time, ICE is put into your cell phone as a contact, so EMS crews, Police, etc. would know which of your contacts would be an emergency contact, should you be unable to give them that information and should they look in your phone to look for someone to contact for you.  Usually this contact is simply labeled "ICE".  Most EMS, Police, Fire, knows what this means.  I have had an ICE contact in my phone ever since I learned of the idea.  Now that I have a smartphone, I have an app for that! :)

      Well, ICEdot came up with this wonderful concept of a centralized database for ALL EMS crews to be able to use.  So, even if you are vacationing in Nevada but your home is in Maine, the EMS/Police crews can still find out your information.  

     Basically it works like this: You go to and fill out a free profile.  Then you can print out the profiles and put them in your glovebox.  Then you send for a free sticker that you can put on your vehicle so that it is known that you have an ICEdot profile.  And DONE! Any information like medicines, contact people, address, doctor, etc is able to be known if you are incapable of giving that information.  Of course it is always best to purchase a premium membership for $10, which is good for a year, because that gets you a personal ID number and worldwide coverage.

      I'm ordering the Band for myself and Widget.  My 2 favorite products are the Snap and the Band because they are items that you don't have to worry about carrying anything.  You can leave your ID in the car, plus the Band would be good for swimming.  The Snap is good for hiking, jogging, etc because you can attach it to your clothing and it stays put, as it is not easy to get off by accident.  

     Please check this product out.  I would like so see this spread across the country, it doesn't cost much for that little piece of mind..... In Case of Emergency....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I could not EMT

      As I listen to Double D tell the stories of his day, I realize I could never do what he does.  It's not because of the blood, or guts or anything, that doesn't bother me.    

      It is the way the patients treat the EMS crew that is there to help them.  

      When YOU are the one that called for THEIR help, don't fight them, hit them, not listen to them, etc.  You obviously needed their help at the time, so why are you fighting with them?  

      If that were me, I'd have thrown my arms up, and said fine, I don't care that you are losing a pint of blood a minute, I'm leaving!  

      I couldn't take the abuse they take.

      It takes a special person to be able to help people even when "the people" don't seem to want their help.

      I just don't understand how someone can want the medical help, and then when the help gets there, they start hitting or bad mouthing or not listening!  If you are going to be that bull-headed, why even bother?  I could understand if it wasn't the patient that called but maybe a family member, but lots of times it was the patient that called!!  

      At my job I deal daily with customers, and sometimes patients(they are the worse!), over the phone trying to fix the issues they are having with their software, and occasionally I get a few that think they know how to fix the issue.  Luckily, I have a mute button that I can push and complain or curse at them, and still retain my kindness to them.  Then there are the times that they argue with me with what is the correct solution to their particular issue. And regardless what I say, I'm wrong.  Of course, that's when I start explaining something to them and then WHOOPS! the line goes dead! or I just shut up and stop trying to help and just wait for them to end the call.  

      See, I would NOT be cut out to be an EMT!  

      I wouldn't want the help either if an Ambulance was called because someone thought I needed one called.  But, in the same note, I wouldn't fault the EMS crew for wanting to help me.  They are just answering the call for help.  

      The only EMS crew I would fight with would be Double D, and our friends, whom are also EMS but that's just I know them and because Double D knows how I feel about having an Ambulance called! ;) and because he'd forgive me.  Plus, he would know that I'd eventually see(ok, that might take awhile, just because I too am bull-headed!), that he did it so him and Widget wouldn't be without me....
      But I still could not be an EMT.....

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poem - The Demons within me

Author - Rich Mosher 

We got to work and try our best to fit the roll of EMS.
From the simple allergic rash to the double fatal vehicle crash.
From taking granny to the doctor, to pulling junior from the water,
And a frantic Mother screams as her child fails to breath,
Then first on scene to an MCI, and having to decide who lives and who dies.
The ones we save, we love to rant; but say nothing at all about the ones we cant.
The humor we find from call to call, is just a way to hide it all.
A way to hide the pain that will swell, I feel so alone in this my prison cell.
I find it funny, yet find it sad; that the dreams where... I am dying, are the best I've ever had.
We try and act like it was Gods will; but we blame ourselves, for the ones we kill.
Every time I close my eyes, I see the face of those who have died. Was their illness just too much...
or was I not good enough...
The decisions were made, no time for regret; but the terrors at night won't let me forget.
Will I ever be free of this guilt and pain. Free me from this binding chain.
There is nothing anyone can do... or say... to make this go away.
I just bury it with the fear... the fear that turns to tears.
Though I am in agony, with time I will heal... At least I know that I can still...feel.
But I’ll lace up my boots and gather my gear,
As I wait for the tones to bring back the fear.
The fear of losing, as her breathing gets weaker…
As I’m once again racing the Reaper.
Are my knowledge and skills enough to see her through?
Or will this Demon claim another… just like the other few. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New blog address

As of tonight, March 17, 2012, my blog will have its own domain.  For you, the readers, that just means when you want to access my blog, you only need to type in and NOT  I have made it easier for you to remember what my site address is, so make sure to pass it on!! =)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's not easy making green


      One thing that bothers me, and it really shouldn't since it does give me bragging rights, is that in my position at work, I make over twice as much as Double D.  

     Now, while most women would love the fact that they make twice as much as their Husbands do, it bothers me because of the difference between duties vs pay.

      I mean, I sit all day and talk on the phone.  I can work from home.  I can take a break whenever I want and have a lunch break.  I work 8 hours, Monday through Friday and have most holidays off unless I chose to work them.  Most would consider the job I have to be a laid back job.

      Meanwhile, Double D is on his feet all day, is lucky some days to even get 5 minutes to eat, is in the cold, the heat, and the rain and snow.  Works long hours, weekends and holidays.

      He always tells me that it doesn't bother him that I make more than him, that he chose this profession knowing that it doesn't pay that much and that he wouldn't trade it, because he likes what he does.

      But, it still bothers me.

      Double D works 2 different jobs now as an EMT, 1 a full time position and the other a part time position because he wants us to be able to do so much more.  Which means some weeks, he'll be working 60+ hours a week!  But even with the 2 jobs, he still won't be making more than me.  

      Some of the positions for EMTs at some companies only pay minimum wage! I mean come on!  They deserve more than that!

      These men and women that work day in and day out, to save our lives and the lives of the ones that we love, don't get paid equal to what they do.  They don't even get most people's respect.  There are a lot of people that don't realize that EMS workers don't get paid big bucks.  Most work 2 jobs just to make ends meet.  

      I just think its wrong.

      What would we do if there wasn't the EMS personnel, that love their job enough to accept what they get paid?  That love being able to save a life, to help someone that is hurt?  That love it enough to overlook the non-emergency calls, where an Ambulance should not have been called? Calls such as hang nails, or a toothache, or needing a ride to the hospital because they have someone that is in the hospital and didn't have a ride!  But I guess that's where an understanding significant other comes into play, because they can just unload some of the frustrations off, and still love their job!

      I think it would be nice if their salaries were closer to the amount of effort they put into their job everyday.  

      You can't put a price on a life, so how can you justify the pay for saving one?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Poem - Call Waiting

Author Unknown

I'm laying in the darkness, I cannot fall asleep. 

I wonder where my husband is, I wish he'd call or beep. 

I saw him leave this morning, the black boots on his feet. 

He said he had to run now, and I know he's on the street. 

You'll know him when You see him, his truck is very loud. 

He has no time to stop now, he doesn't want a crowd. 

A caller said "Please hurry!" Come quickly if you will. 

A young man with a motorbike is laying very still. 

A mother calls in anguish, her child limp and blue. 

HURRY! Come, I need you! I don't know what to do. 

I hear his key turning, he's coming in the door. 

I hear him drop his boots, then footsteps on the floor. 

I hear him in the kitchen, I can tell from his walk, 

He'll soon come and wake me, and ask if we can talk. 

We'll sit out in the moonlight, and listen to the night. 

He talks about a shooting, a street gang in a fight. 

A car crash, a drowning, a small child hurt at play. 

The things he needs to talk about, the things he did today. 

The old, the sick, the injured, some so very small. 

He did all he could to help them, he answered every call. 

Every day he has a mission, he knows it in his heart. 

He does everything he can and always does his part. 

If you are sick or injured and you need to reach my Hon, 

I can tell you how to reach him, his number is ......911.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adapting to the lifestyle

        When Double D started in the EMS world, he actually started as a Volunteer Firefighter. When he first started volunteering as a Firefighter, I have to admit, I was pretty stoked!  I was in my early 20s and I was engaged to a Firefighter!!  LOL

During a couple parades:

   Here is one of the first "Fire/EMS" cakes I made for him:

    A picture of Double D dressed in his fire gear, our daughter (Widget) with her Halloween costume and Double D's vehicle with the lights on:

      A few years later after we were married and had a Daughter, we moved to a community that was needing EMT's within their Fire department (There was only Fire in the first department he started with). and that was where he became certified as an EMT.  I was so proud of him!  

      The second "EMS" cake I made for Double D's birthday:

      I soon adapted to the lifestyle of pagers going off in the middle of the night, interrupted dinners, and family times.  Sometimes it was inconvenient and sometimes I got upset about it, especially if it was a non-emergency call, such as a hang nail, or needing a ride to the hospital because a relative was there. But I realized this was the lifestyle I was in and Double D really enjoyed this career, so I knew I needed to give him all my support. I learned to adjust our schedules around the times he was on call for the department.  There were still interrupted dinners, and family times, but that just meant that the food went in the microwave, and goodnight kisses and hugs were given later. 

      After getting his EMT-B certification, he was able to obtain a paying EMT position at a private company.  With that, I quickly learned not to plan anything for after his shift was done.  Because there might be that last call before he is supposed to get off, that causes him to get off later than scheduled.  I don't mind that because that last call could be a bad car accident or maybe a young child that is hurt badly and if that was someone I loved, I would hope that an EMS crew would stay over to help them out and not just say "my shift is done, I'm going home".  All I usually ask, is that if he is going to be longer than 2 hours, if he can, call me or text me to let me know so I don't worry.  If it is longer than 3 hours and I haven't heard anything from him, that's when I start to worry.  He works in bad neighborhoods sometimes, so I do worry.  I know he can't always call, because depending on the severity of the call, he may not get a chance, so I don't get too upset that he didn't let me know what was going on, but it doesn't mean that I don't still worry!  

      Our next move was a big one.  We moved to an area that had more job opportunities for me since it was closer to a big city which meant more jobs for entry level IT, which is what I was.  He drove over an hour back and forth 3 days a week til he could find employment near where we lived.  

      That's when I realized this was the perfect career for him, in the EMS world. 

      That also meant that if I was going to support him in a field that he enjoyed, the way he supports me in my field, I would have to "not sweat the small stuff", which included not always getting off on time, being there when he needed someone to just listen, and realizing that if we come across an accident, He's going to stop..... :)

      He originally tried to join the local volunteer fire departments but soon realized that in order to be really welcomed at the departments here, you almost had to have NO life outside of the departments.  They would have weekly mandatory meetings which makes it hard to attend when you have a regular full time job outside of the volunteer position.  Many of the members would hang out at the station waiting for a call to come in.  Again, that's fine if you have no family, no job, etc outside of the station.  So he reluctantly gave up the fire part.  Though he still longs to be a part of it...

      Being an EMT is a fitting position for him though.  I feel he is very good at it, and he is happy with it.  I especially like watching him with the children.  He's so good with kids, it isn't even funny!  He knows just how to calm them down and get them laughing so they aren't scared.  

      I know, because I have seen him in action with a child that was hurt.  

      This child wouldn't talk to anyone, wouldn't even answer her Mother when asked a question on how she was feeling.  Her Mom wanted Double D to take a look at her, and asked if I thought he would mind. Of course he didn't mind, because he loves what he does!  Not even 5 minutes after he started talking to her, she was laughing! and answering HIS questions!  It made her Mother feel so much better! 

     So, it's not hard adjusting to the lifestyle of the EMS world, it's more about loving and supporting the one that is in the EMS world.....and, "Not sweating the small stuff" =) because it's very easy to live your life around the schedules and mayhem of EMS, if you truly love the person....