Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't forget to also remember EMS today, September 11th

      As I was thinking about how unrecognized EMS actually is, it came to my attention that during 9/11, the focus is usually on the remembrance of the Firefighters, the Police officers, and the general public that died that day, but not much is mentioned about the brave EMS that also died that day.  They seem to be lumped into the Firefighter and Police Officers.  Why?  They deserve to have individual recognition!!

      Did you know that of the 343 FDNY lost, that 2 of them were Paramedics?  They were Paramedic Carlos Lillo, age 37 and Paramedic Ricardo Quinn, age 40. 

      I am having problems with finding a definitive total for the number of EMS that died on 9/11, Some sites say 8 some say 9 some say 10 some say 42...the list goes on.  The issue here, I think, is that they only include the "on duty" EMTs and Paramedics when the count is 8 or 9 or 10.  They don't include the ones that volunteer and have full time jobs elsewhere, but helped out since they had the skills to help.  An EMT like Jeff Simpson, who lived in VA, but worked in NY.  Instead of fleeing to safety, he instead went toward the danger to help.  And that's what an EMT that is passionate about his job as an EMT would do....   

      If we can't include all of the EMS that died on September 11, during the attacks that weren't "on duty" then why do we honor a police officer that died when he crashed his motorcycle - off duty?  It just seems that EMS is left out when it comes to remembering their heroism.  You always hear of a firefighter that died or a police officer that died...and it is always mentioned in an article if they were either, but hardly ever for an EMT or a Paramedic. 

      So lets take this day to also remember all the EMS that died that day.  Hopefully all of their names are listed below:


  1. Last night on TLC there was a show that focused mostly on EMS and the roll they played in 9/11. It surprised me cause like you say there hadnt really been much recognition for them. Perhaps they are finally seeing how big if roll they actually played. There had been hundreds and hundreds of people needing medical attention and there were tons EMS there trying to help. It was nice to see a show that focused on that.

    1. I wish I had knewn about that show! Guess I will have to look for it next year. I never really dawned on me until about a month or so ago that there isn't much about the many EMS that died, or risked their lives that day, and the days after. Once I started digging, I found out things that I, myself had taken for granted, things such as the 343 that the FDNY lost...thinking they were all "firemen".

    2. i just saw your reply now! they dont send notifications when people reply. but i agree, that show was the first i had ever seen that mentioned paramedics in 9/11. looking forward to your next blog post!
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