Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't need an Ambulance subscription

 This will be a chuckable post :)

      The one service that Double D works for is literally 5 minutes away, and about 2-3 miles away, SO that puts us somewhat in their jurisdiction.  

      Well, I received a piece of mail yesterday from this service, which, had me confused.  If they needed to get something to me (which I wouldn't know why), why not save postage and just give it to Double D when he was in on Friday, or today when he came in?  I almost opened it when I saw on the envelope about my "2012 Subscription" which more than likely meant that they wanted me to subscribe to their Ambulance service.  I nearly burst out laughing....Ok, maybe I actually did.  :)

      This made me laugh because I will never call for an Ambulance personally, since that means I would be going to the hospital, something I won't do, so I would not need to subscribe to an Ambulance service.  Besides, I already have an EMT in house ;) so, step 1 of any injury would be to have Double D assess me, then if he feels I need to go to the hospital, he can write up a refusal because I will not go!  No need for an Ambulance since they bring the EMTs to you, and take you to a hospital....EMT is already here, and I'm not going to any Hospital.....Going to the hospital means I have to face the doctors that will screw things up anyway....NO THANKS!  

      Sorry, not fond of doctors or Hospitals....I don't trust them.  I've had too many bad things happen personally in regards to ERs, Hospitals, and Doctors that I don't want to deal with any of them.  You all can go, if you want but you won't find me willingly going.  Double D jokes that he has ways of getting me to go :)  And I told him, well, you better hope I don't remember when I wake up!!  :)

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