Monday, December 24, 2012

Emergency Services Christmas Prayer

~Author Unknown~

Please make this, Lord, a silent night

this one night of the year.

No sirens wailing through the dark,

no shouts of hate or fear

No crumpled cars and twisted steel,

no blood and tears that spill.

No messages of grief to take,

to homes that suddenly grow still.

Please, King of Peace, no drunken fights

that wreck the family tree,

And all the dreams of some small child,

who clings, in fear, to me.

Let travelers tread the tinseled streets

safe from assault and harm.

On this night, this special night,

no red lights, no alarms.

I'd like to be at home, Oh Lord,

where spice and cedar scent the air.

I hope the children don't wake up,

until I can be there.

Please make this Lord, a silent night,

no hate, or hurt, or crime,

But if this cannot be, Oh Lord,

help me get there in time.