Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

With a  year ahead of us, I like to reflect on the past year accomplishments, sadness, great events, and whatever comes to mind.  And also see what the new year has in store.  

With reflecting on 2012, some good things that happened:

Surprising Double D in Baltimore at the JEMS conference
Starting this blog (thanks everyone for coming back to read it! :) )
Saw dolphins swimming at Virginia Beach for the first time
Swam in the ocean for the first time
A friend adopted a new baby
Visited some great places, a battlefield, railroads, amusement parks, etc
Bought my first NEW car (not just new to me!)
Saw some Elk up close
Caught and ate fresh bluecrab (yum!)

and some sadness....

We lost a wonderful Grandmother, although she is in a better place, and joined her equally wonderful husband of 70 years, she will be missed.
Multiple parents going into the hospital, with 2 still there.

What 2013 will hold for me/us......

JEMS conference in Washington DC in March
20 year class reunion for me (yikes! that means I'm getting old!!  lol)
Possibly moving away from the city
Our Parents that are still in the hospital, coming home
Start some sort of Web Design class
Take a few day trips

Hopefully all of you will have a GREAT 2013 and have some good things happen.  Some bad things are ok, as its what rounds us but as long as the good things outweigh the bad, its a good year and Life Is Good!!!

HAPPY 2013!!!!!!!!