Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kids say the greatest things

      We went to a local Airshow, it was me, Double D, Widget, Widget's BFF and her BFF's younger Sister whom was 12.  During the Airshow, Widget's BFF's Sister asked if Double D was a doctor, because he was talking about an incident at work.  He said "no, He just works on an Ambulance."  What she said next was really great, and painted the picture of what kids see....  She asked, "well isn't that the same thing?"  :)  He said "No, I can't give you stitches, or anything, but I can treat you until a Doctor can look at you and give you the stitches if that is what you need"  and she said "close enough"......


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot, Humid and Miserable

      The last few days where I live, have been Hot and Humid with temperatures in the 90s.  Now the 90s by them selves isn't so bad but add the humidity with it, and every minute spent outside of A/C is nearly unbearable.  I know for me, it makes it hard for me to breath and I start becoming very congested.  

      Can you imagine working outside in this miserable weather?  Some like it, others, like their job so much that they suffer through it.  I couldn't handle it, but then again, my body doesn't do very well in it either! When it gets too humid, not only do I get congested, but if I am doing anything strenuous, I get light headed too, even if I am keeping up with my fluids.  
      Our EMS crews are out in it though, taking care of the people that heat like this is bad for them.  The ones that overdo it and collapse in the heat.  Meanwhile, sometime jeopardizing their own health by working to hard themselves and not being able to take the time to replenish their own fluids, or take a break in some A/C.

      I want to say THANKS to a particular EMS company that Double D works for near where we live.  I actually can't say thanks enough!  They make sure to take care of their crews, by allowing them to work in cooler uniforms, yet staying professional looking, and making sure they are not being pounded with trips, so they don't get to cool down.  And also checking up on them to make sure the crews are staying cool and hydrated.

      I also want to say SHAME ON YOU,(and that's putting it nicely) to the EMS companies that don't take care of their crews.  Run them with trip after trip after trip for the whole 24 hours they are on.  Don't allow them to take a break in the A/C, and just don't check up on them except to see where they are for the next trip that they get sent on. 

      For those of you that know who I am, probably know the companies I am referring to.   and those that don't know who I am, probably know a few companies out there like those.  If you are fortunate to work for a company that takes care of you when it is miserable weather, make sure to thank them once in awhile for looking out for your health and that you appreciate it.  

      Maybe if you see a case of Gatorade or Powerade or any of those on sale for a good price, you could purchase it and donate it to an EMS station near you.  Just a suggestion.  or maybe even deliver some cold ones (and I'm not talking about beer) personally to a crew you might see, whether fueling up their Boo Boo wagons, or sitting on standby somewhere. 

Stay Cool out there guys and girls!!!

Now THIS is hot!!!  LOL

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm still here

Just wanted to let all my regular readers know that i'm still here, just haven't had much time to write a new post.  Hopefully I can find some time in the next 2 weeks of vacation to get you some more stuff to read.  Here are some chuckles to keep you entertained until then!