Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

      I apologize now for not updating my blog recently, but I've had a lot going on in my life the last couple months that I may tell you later in another post.

      For now, I am going to talk about Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  

      Around this time you constantly hear about Walmart workers and Target workers that complain about working on Thanksgiving or super early on Black Friday.  They state that it is interrupting their family time by having to leave early during dinner to go to work.  boo hoo.  Or that what they go through isn't worth the pay on Black Friday.  again, boo hoo. 

      I hope those employees never become VOLUNTEER employees.  OR on call employees for EMS (firefighters, EMT, paramedic, etc).  Volunteers get paid pennies, if anything at all, and anyone on call, has to leave at the sound of the tones....meaning they may just sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and have to leave and by the time they get back, dinner is over, food is cold, and many friends/family have gone home.  

      I read a post on FaceBook earlier today that was about the Walmart employees going on strike for the Black Friday hours.  The news wanted to know peoples opinions on that.  Of course i put in my 2 cents because I think its ridiculous!  for one, they picked where they work.  They are in retail.  It is the holidays.  It's common sense to know there will longer/crazier hours during that time.  It's just part of the job.  If they don't like it, quit.  Walmart employees are a dime a dozen, I'm sure they can replace them and fast.  Some of the comments on there were stupid too.  Some people said that Walmart employees can't be compared to Police, Firefighters, Doctors, etc because they get paid twice as much!  HAHAHAHA.  If only they knew...I can somewhat agree with the Doctors because we all know they get paid good money.  but the main complaint with the Walmart employees and the Target employee last year wasn't necessarily the pay, but the fact that they had to work Thursday night, and shorten their time with their families.  

      SO I hope that the next time they get hurt, or sick, or their house catches on fire, they remember about "family time" and wait until regular business hours to call anyone or go to a hospital.  Meanwhile they will be bleeding to death, watching their house burn down, or stuck in a car after an accident.  Because I mean, who wants to have their Thanksgiving dinner interrupted to go into work?

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