Thursday, April 19, 2012

Words from Double D

I thought I'd share a wonder experience that Double D had today:

"I'm wearing 1 of my Company t-shirts, & some guy at the gas station comes up 2 me, & asks: 
'Are you an ambulance person?',

 'Yes, I'm an EMT' (even though it's all over my shirt & on the sleeve). 

He puts his hand on my shoulder, bows his head, & starts to cry. 

He says that he just buried his wife of 30 yrs this week & wanted to say thank you for all that we do. 

When his wife had her heart attack, the EMS crew that came to his house, went above & beyond anything he could have hoped for. 

He proceeded to tell me how he thought that all we did was ride around running lights & sirens, & never really gave a crap about the patient.  

Though he was basing his views from what he saw on TV. 

That night, he saw for himself, that what we do, goes way beyond anything he could have imagined. 

He said that even though the crew could not save his wife, they showed her compassion, caring, & a deep sense of grief over not saving her. 

He said thank you again, shook my hand, & left. 

It made me understand, that we really do some amazing things through out the course of our EMS career, & sometimes, people do take notice."  

       And again, it's why I am writing this blog....So that others will know just what these guys go through, what they take for granted as just part of their job.  Along with that job is the compassion, the caring and the sadness that comes when they just can not save that life.....

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