Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poem - The Demons within me

Author - Rich Mosher 

We got to work and try our best to fit the roll of EMS.
From the simple allergic rash to the double fatal vehicle crash.
From taking granny to the doctor, to pulling junior from the water,
And a frantic Mother screams as her child fails to breath,
Then first on scene to an MCI, and having to decide who lives and who dies.
The ones we save, we love to rant; but say nothing at all about the ones we cant.
The humor we find from call to call, is just a way to hide it all.
A way to hide the pain that will swell, I feel so alone in this my prison cell.
I find it funny, yet find it sad; that the dreams where... I am dying, are the best I've ever had.
We try and act like it was Gods will; but we blame ourselves, for the ones we kill.
Every time I close my eyes, I see the face of those who have died. Was their illness just too much...
or was I not good enough...
The decisions were made, no time for regret; but the terrors at night won't let me forget.
Will I ever be free of this guilt and pain. Free me from this binding chain.
There is nothing anyone can do... or say... to make this go away.
I just bury it with the fear... the fear that turns to tears.
Though I am in agony, with time I will heal... At least I know that I can still...feel.
But I’ll lace up my boots and gather my gear,
As I wait for the tones to bring back the fear.
The fear of losing, as her breathing gets weaker…
As I’m once again racing the Reaper.
Are my knowledge and skills enough to see her through?
Or will this Demon claim another… just like the other few. 

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