Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's not easy making green


      One thing that bothers me, and it really shouldn't since it does give me bragging rights, is that in my position at work, I make over twice as much as Double D.  

     Now, while most women would love the fact that they make twice as much as their Husbands do, it bothers me because of the difference between duties vs pay.

      I mean, I sit all day and talk on the phone.  I can work from home.  I can take a break whenever I want and have a lunch break.  I work 8 hours, Monday through Friday and have most holidays off unless I chose to work them.  Most would consider the job I have to be a laid back job.

      Meanwhile, Double D is on his feet all day, is lucky some days to even get 5 minutes to eat, is in the cold, the heat, and the rain and snow.  Works long hours, weekends and holidays.

      He always tells me that it doesn't bother him that I make more than him, that he chose this profession knowing that it doesn't pay that much and that he wouldn't trade it, because he likes what he does.

      But, it still bothers me.

      Double D works 2 different jobs now as an EMT, 1 a full time position and the other a part time position because he wants us to be able to do so much more.  Which means some weeks, he'll be working 60+ hours a week!  But even with the 2 jobs, he still won't be making more than me.  

      Some of the positions for EMTs at some companies only pay minimum wage! I mean come on!  They deserve more than that!

      These men and women that work day in and day out, to save our lives and the lives of the ones that we love, don't get paid equal to what they do.  They don't even get most people's respect.  There are a lot of people that don't realize that EMS workers don't get paid big bucks.  Most work 2 jobs just to make ends meet.  

      I just think its wrong.

      What would we do if there wasn't the EMS personnel, that love their job enough to accept what they get paid?  That love being able to save a life, to help someone that is hurt?  That love it enough to overlook the non-emergency calls, where an Ambulance should not have been called? Calls such as hang nails, or a toothache, or needing a ride to the hospital because they have someone that is in the hospital and didn't have a ride!  But I guess that's where an understanding significant other comes into play, because they can just unload some of the frustrations off, and still love their job!

      I think it would be nice if their salaries were closer to the amount of effort they put into their job everyday.  

      You can't put a price on a life, so how can you justify the pay for saving one?

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  1. I agree they should be paid more. It takes a special person to do that job. Thanks DOUBLE D!!!!!!!!!!! :)