Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I could not EMT

      As I listen to Double D tell the stories of his day, I realize I could never do what he does.  It's not because of the blood, or guts or anything, that doesn't bother me.    

      It is the way the patients treat the EMS crew that is there to help them.  

      When YOU are the one that called for THEIR help, don't fight them, hit them, not listen to them, etc.  You obviously needed their help at the time, so why are you fighting with them?  

      If that were me, I'd have thrown my arms up, and said fine, I don't care that you are losing a pint of blood a minute, I'm leaving!  

      I couldn't take the abuse they take.

      It takes a special person to be able to help people even when "the people" don't seem to want their help.

      I just don't understand how someone can want the medical help, and then when the help gets there, they start hitting or bad mouthing or not listening!  If you are going to be that bull-headed, why even bother?  I could understand if it wasn't the patient that called but maybe a family member, but lots of times it was the patient that called!!  

      At my job I deal daily with customers, and sometimes patients(they are the worse!), over the phone trying to fix the issues they are having with their software, and occasionally I get a few that think they know how to fix the issue.  Luckily, I have a mute button that I can push and complain or curse at them, and still retain my kindness to them.  Then there are the times that they argue with me with what is the correct solution to their particular issue. And regardless what I say, I'm wrong.  Of course, that's when I start explaining something to them and then WHOOPS! the line goes dead! or I just shut up and stop trying to help and just wait for them to end the call.  

      See, I would NOT be cut out to be an EMT!  

      I wouldn't want the help either if an Ambulance was called because someone thought I needed one called.  But, in the same note, I wouldn't fault the EMS crew for wanting to help me.  They are just answering the call for help.  

      The only EMS crew I would fight with would be Double D, and our friends, whom are also EMS but that's just I know them and because Double D knows how I feel about having an Ambulance called! ;) and because he'd forgive me.  Plus, he would know that I'd eventually see(ok, that might take awhile, just because I too am bull-headed!), that he did it so him and Widget wouldn't be without me....
      But I still could not be an EMT.....

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