Friday, March 9, 2012

What made me decide to start this blog

Hello, Thank you for coming to check out my first blog!! 

         I decided to start this blog after attending the EMSToday conference with my Husband (Double D), in Baltimore.  I realized that although I am not exactly illiterate in the terms and references of the EMS world, there is still a lot that I do not know, but would like to.  Maybe not enough to become an EMT, but enough to know what I am talking about and what Double D and his Friends are talking about!  I try to keep up with some of the terms and devices that Double D uses so when he tells me about his day, I don't have to look at him like he's speaking in a foreign language! Sure, he has his EMS colleagues/friends that he can talk about his day with, but it's nice when he can turn to me for those conversations!

         So, I got to thinking, what if i created a blog that I can express my knowledge and frustrations about what I don't know and what is confusing to me and in return, maybe gain some insight from other EMS personnel? Then maybe other wives/spouses that feel the same way, can join in and benefit from this.  Wives/Spouses that want to learn more about their Husband/Wife's career, and be more involved.  Plus, it can be a learning tool to understand what we feel left out about.

         I will share stories about experiences I have had both funny, embarrassing and serious and what I was concerned about at those times.

         Now to get to where it all started.  I can honestly say that I was Double D's first patient!  This was nearly 10 years before he was even a certified EMT-B.  When we were dating, I was working in a convenience store that had a deli, and he had come up to visit me. I was cleaning the meat slicer.  Well, I thought it would be smart to have the slicer on as I held the cleaning rag on the blade. =D Needless to say,I ended up slicing 2 of my fingers, not bad, but bad enough that a band aid wasn't going to do the trick!  There was not enough first aid supplies in the first aid kit at the store that Double D could patch me up there, so I ended going to the ER!  I wished I never went to the ER though!  They really couldn't do anything for me since I basically sliced the skin right off the tips of 2 of my fingers! There wasn't anything to really stitch so, they just wrapped it up in gauze, and sent me on my way! Well, the next morning when it was time to change the gauze, it was stuck in the wound!! I had to soak it in water until it finally came loose enough to get the gauze off!   Double D could have done lots better, and I wouldn't have had the ER bill!!!  Too bad he didn't have his EMT-B then!! haha!  THAT incident started my hatred for most hospitals, doctors, etc. but, like I said, most, not all, just the ones that don't know what they are doing and/or don't care about their patients, but that is a topic for another post.....=)

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  1. I had a similar experience. I was chopping jalepenos and cut off the tip of my thumb. Pain from the cut and the peppers was not fun.

    I went to the emergency room and the first thing they did was wrap it in gauze, then when the doctor finally came to look at it he had to rip off the gauze and white hot pain shot through my body. I should have stayed home.

    Good luck on your blogging. I have a blog to help people figure out what's required to become an EMT in their state. Check it out if you like