Thursday, March 29, 2012


      So, when I attended the EMSToday conference in Baltimore with Double D, we stopped at this booth for a service/product that is called ICEDot.  

      Have you heard of the idea of I.C.E.?  It stands for In Case of Emergency.  Simply put, it is a list of emergency contacts and information such as your name, age, address, medical conditions, medicines, etc. Most of the time, ICE is put into your cell phone as a contact, so EMS crews, Police, etc. would know which of your contacts would be an emergency contact, should you be unable to give them that information and should they look in your phone to look for someone to contact for you.  Usually this contact is simply labeled "ICE".  Most EMS, Police, Fire, knows what this means.  I have had an ICE contact in my phone ever since I learned of the idea.  Now that I have a smartphone, I have an app for that! :)

      Well, ICEdot came up with this wonderful concept of a centralized database for ALL EMS crews to be able to use.  So, even if you are vacationing in Nevada but your home is in Maine, the EMS/Police crews can still find out your information.  

     Basically it works like this: You go to and fill out a free profile.  Then you can print out the profiles and put them in your glovebox.  Then you send for a free sticker that you can put on your vehicle so that it is known that you have an ICEdot profile.  And DONE! Any information like medicines, contact people, address, doctor, etc is able to be known if you are incapable of giving that information.  Of course it is always best to purchase a premium membership for $10, which is good for a year, because that gets you a personal ID number and worldwide coverage.

      I'm ordering the Band for myself and Widget.  My 2 favorite products are the Snap and the Band because they are items that you don't have to worry about carrying anything.  You can leave your ID in the car, plus the Band would be good for swimming.  The Snap is good for hiking, jogging, etc because you can attach it to your clothing and it stays put, as it is not easy to get off by accident.  

     Please check this product out.  I would like so see this spread across the country, it doesn't cost much for that little piece of mind..... In Case of Emergency....

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