Monday, May 14, 2012

EMS Week 2012 - May 20 - 26

      Starting Sunday, it will be EMS Appreciation Week. This comes once a year around this time.

      Every year the 3rd week in May is designated as National EMS Week. It is a time for America's EMS community to celebrate its history and look to what the future has to offer.

      It is also a time to honor those in the EMS profession who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the public. If you see someone who works in EMS this week, please take a moment to thank them for being there for you when you need them, even if you haven't needed their services yet.

I bet it will make their day.

      Or better yet, if you have a positive experience you would like to share with them regarding your need for their service, share it with them.

I bet it will make their day too.

      You may ask, why do I need to thank them for doing their job?  That's what they get paid for....No one ever thanks me for doing MY job...

      Well, what if someone DID thank you for doing your job?  Or if someone came up to you, knowing what your profession is, and told you that you made a difference in their life?

      I bet it would make your day too..... 

      Many of the men and women out there doing their "calling" could not see themselves doing any other thing in their career, even if that meant making more money.  And when they have that frame of mind, it means you will receive their best care and compassion when you need them. 

In the midst of the storm of human tragedy and panic, they are often the calming voice of reassurance.

      I'm not saying that everyone that is in the EMS profession thinks of their work as more than a "job".  You will have those out there, just like in any profession, that goes in to work, does their job and leaves and could care less about what happens in between shifts.  But knowing the pay and how much work goes into that pay, I would say there are more than 75% of the EMS professionals out there that look at their work as more of a calling than a job.  The ones that take their skills further than their shift and use it even when they are not on the clock.  

I know.  I've seen if first hand.  And even experienced it first hand.  

      I've seen it first hand by seeing how Double D reacts to someone being hurt, or needing his skills.  I've also seen it first hand with our friends that are Paramedics.  They recently had to use their skills, outside of their "job" to help some people in a horrible car accident.

      I've experienced it first hand when I needed the help when I passed out or "fell out" as Double D puts it.  I was at a trade show with my brother and felt lightheaded, I put my hand on a table and next thing I knew i was laying on the floor, wondering what happened.  Every time my brother tried to help me up, I went down again.  Finally an off duty Paramedic came over, identified herself as such and assisted my brother in getting me over to a chair.  Then she kinda gave me a quick assessment, the best she could without having anything with her, and went to find me something to eat, thinking it might have been my blood sugar dropping.  

I wish I knew where to find her to thank her for what she did for me that day.

      All I am asking is that you show your appreciation for all the EMS workers out there for all that they do and if by chance you see them taking a much needed lunch break, or stopping quickly to grab some refreshments at a gas station or convenience store, or maybe even if you are stopped beside them at a traffic light, just say.... 

Thank You.

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