Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm back after a break

I stopped writing in this blog over a year ago because it just seemed like no one was reading it.  A recent comment on one of my posts made me realize that it is still being read and so I decided to get back into writing more posts.

Since my last post some changes have been made at home.  The first was that we bought our first house, which was another reason I had taken a break from writing.  At the time I quit writing we were looking at houses and I just didn't have the time.  Then in March we closed on the house!   The second was that Double D was injured on the job again by a combative patient that both him and his partner ended up off work for a few months.  Double D injured the same arm that he had injured a couple years ago.  After he returned to work, (after the Doctors said he was ok to return) He still was not at 100% and felt that he could not do his job as an EMT safely.  So in September he walked away from his position as an EMT for a little bit and is a delivery driver now.  He isn't done with EMS but needed to take a break from it to let his body heal.  He really misses the job and wants so much to get back but for now, he needs to get healthy.

That's all for this post,  I will try to keep up with it more now that I know more people are reading it!  If you follow my Facebook page, which I gained over 100 new likes since the article mentioning my blog was published, please feel free to comment on any topics you would like to see me discuss on here.


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  1. I would definently say that your blog is being read. I recently included it in a listing of blogs that any EMT should read. I did that because of your unique point of view. Please keep blogging.