Tuesday, February 12, 2013

JEMS Conference 2013 (upcoming)

        The EMSToday JEMS conference is coming up, which means its getting closer to my 1 year anniversary for this blog!! I started this blog a few weeks after last years conference, which was my first JEMS conference.   This year's JEMS conference is being held in Washington D.C. on March 7-9.  We won't be surprising Double D like we did last year (it probably wouldn't work 2 years in a row anyway lol).  Instead, we will be making the trip with him.  It will be an educational field trip for Widget, since we will be taking in some museums during our stay there, and she gets excused from classes for those days(she's cyber schooled).

       Double D and his team are also participating in the JEMS cook off.  They won the first year but came in Second last year.  I helped with the idea for the recipe this year, so I'm sure they will win!! ;)  The cook off happens on Friday of the conference, so if any of you go, you can smell all the yummy food cooking! Spectators can't sample the food, unfortunately, so you just get hungry sitting there LOL.

       During the conference I will try to blog a couple times while I am there.  If you can make it, please try.  The tickets I believe are $25, and you can register using the above link.

       Double D is working on a new logo for me, to put on my blog, and I'll be getting a hoodie, or t-shirt made up with it on it.  I can't wait!! He made a rough draft so far and just has to clean it up and then I can get it transferred into a digital image.  I am hoping to have it done by the time the JEMS conference is here, but that is so close so I'm not sure it will happen.  I still would need to get it copyrighted since it would be Double D's original artwork.

       I am looking forward to it to see what new ideas and equipment will be introduced to make Double D's job a little bit easier.  And help me understand even more about the job that he loves.  If you've never been to an EMS conference, whether it be JEMS, or just a local one, try to go to one with your spouse.  You can learn so much about what they do and the tools they use.  Don't be afraid to ask your spouse questions about something you aren't sure of after visiting an exhibitors booth.  I'm sure they will be happy that you are asking and are interested in what they do.

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